Hey, I'm Shaunna...
the digital marketing consultant 

I am a Master in Media with a Master’s in Media who is passionate about collaborating with my clients to create cohesive brand storytelling through innovative and forward-thinking strategy. I have skillfully polished the digital marketing tactics of numerous brands to help build loyal relationships with their audiences... 

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How do you stand out in the Digital landscape? Brand strategy, identity, and marketing create a cohesive narrative for your business. My strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes.


It all started with a startup! I crunch the numbers to assess and solve the critical issues and pain points of your business, both large and small. My unique approach provides an easy-to-digest view of your consumer behaviors to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize productivity.

social media

There is no "one size fits all" solution for social media, and that's why my process fosters collaboration and innovation. Each strategy is specifically crafted to solve each client’s core needs by providing a comprehensive approach backed by experience.

content creation

Whether you've run out of content ideas, or you just need help finding your niche, I brief and create vibrant, out-of-the box content ideas that build loyalty with your audiences. On every project, the most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core goals. 

My Offerings

premiere source


I have had the pleasure of partnering with some of your favorite social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok. I compile their best practices and platform updates to provide a curated point of view on how to position your brand in front of the right audiences.

top-notch tools

When you're unsure about how to pinpoint specific sources of traffic, or are looking for opportunities to process requests seamlessly, you need effective tools. In handling small to large firms, I will always strategically leverage tools that are scalable to meet your business needs. 


free resources


Back in 2019, I started a "holy grail" compiled of multiple cheat sheets to help me maximize my time on content creation, strategy, and scheduling. To help you get started on your  social media bible, I'm offering my Content Calendar Planner for FREE!

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